Guiding Principals

We are an employer who believes in the importance of our employees and our community. Not only do we at Inspek Crushing believe we have a responsibility to protect all individuals and the environment from injury and hazards, we believe in supporting our community by volunteerism and corporate financial support. To meet our obligations to the communities we operate in, our staff and the environment, we will operate under the following guiding principles:


While all parties have a responsibility to promote health and safety, Inspek Crushing Ltd., recognizes its leadership role in promoting worker health and safety on the basis that we have the greatest influence in ensuring our services are provided in a safe and productive manner.

When acting as the subcontractor, the primary contractor’s health and safety program will be integrated with the policies and procedures as set forth in our company’s health and safety program manual. Inspek Crushing Ltd. carries out its services as a subcontractor to the construction, oil and gas and forestry industries.

First Nations

We value diversity and respect traditional First Nation values. We share a pledge with First Nations people to respect the environment. When available, we proactively develop vendor partnerships with First Nations owned businesses.


Activities will be conducted on the basis that safe guarding of all personnel and the environment is of vital importance. The safety of our employees, contractors and visitors is of paramount importance. The safeguarding of the environment is our duty to our families, the public and future generations.


The process of selecting employees and suppliers will include recognition of and support of good safety practices and compliance. Support and recognition based on good safety performance and participation will also be provided to our employees.


We, in cooperation with our employees, will promote methods and practices that have potential for improving safety performance. We will encourage and foster the improvement of all aspects of health and safety building.


We, in cooperation with our employees, will ensure our business practices, methodologies and ideologies reflect the values of trust, respect and compliance, while ensuring cost effective, environmentally responsible, timely production.